Smart Choice Check Mark

Healthy Villages is currently working addressing obesity through a variety of initiatives aimed at healthy eating and active living targeting both children and adults.

One incentive is to create healthy options easily available.  A Green Smart Choice Check Mark system has been implemented in several Grocery Stores and Convenience Stores in the county. The system is designed to make it easy for residents to locate the "Smart" or healthy options quickly.  Stores that have implemented the system are:

  • Boyd Grocery Circle B
  • Douds Kwik Stop
  • Jet Gas- Birmingham, Milton, and Bonaparte


A second incentive is standards for restaurants to follow to qualify as a "Healthy Restaurant".  A Green Smart Choice Check Mark can be found on menus by the healthy options.  Those restaurants that are "Healthy Restaurants" in the county are:

  • Douds Kwik Stop- Douds
  • The Lunch Box- Douds
  • First Street Grill- Keosauqua

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