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Check back often as we add tips for staying fit, great tasting recipes, and more. You can also download our program registration form and waiver.


2018 Vbc Wellness Evnets (17.7K)

Healthy Villages Forms

Fitness Registration And Waiver (95.8K)
Fitness Center Rules (46.3K)
Activity Chart (36.5K)
Cantril Fun Run/Walk (207.5K)
Registration Form

Healthy Villages Contacts

VBC Oranizations Contacts (48K)

Trail Maps

Bonaparte Lindsey Trail (102K)
Indian Lake Trail (114K)
Lacey State Park River Trail (227.9K)
State Park Lake Trail (175.8K)
Cantril Waubonsie Trail (88.5K)
Milton Trail (104.2K)
Keo Loop Trail (200.9K)


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